Support Athletics

Basketball $30.00
2 Footballs $50.00
Sports uniform for a student $100
A season for an athlete $200
A sports team $1,000
Support The Arts

3 Canvases  $30.00
Collection of watercolors $50.00
A selection of art supplies for extended day use $300
A variety of writing supplies including selected reference books $350
A club $1,000
A choral, instrumental, or theater performance $2,000
The literary arts magazine $3,000

Support Academics

1 tutoring session $100
A mobile device for homework $400
1 field trip $500
5 tutoring sessions $500
10 tutoring sessions $1,000
Build classroom libraries $1,000



What Your Support Will Provide

Outside support and resources that would help guide students to higher education

Tutoring: SAT and academics
College Research:  visits, counseling and application process
Transition to Post-Secondary Education: tuition, housing and basic needs
Internship and Career Opportunities: workplace visits and community projects

 Curriculum Enhancements Opportunities to extend learning that would capitalize on academic strengths and remediate academic challenges
Field Trips
Book Clubs
Honors & Enrichment Programming

  Performing and Fine Arts Programming to introduce students to cultural literacy and the Arts

Music Lessons
Multi-Media, Fine Arts & Graphic Design
Dance, Musical & Theatrical Performances

Clubs extra-curricular
activities to broaden students' interests and skills
Student Council
 Boys' and Girls' Clubs
 Literary & Art Magazine

Athletics  providing students with a positive outlet that builds teamwork and motivation

Exercise Classes
Step & Cheerleading

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